Food (this needs a more interesting title)

Friends of mine often laugh at how much money I spend on food each week, generally about $150 to feed 2 adults and one toddler (the baby is breastfed – it will increase if/when she gets formula and starts eating solids). One friend actually said, “Y’all spend that much and you ain’t even fat!” Can we really afford this? Probably not, but I don’t eat out a lot, buy clothes from discount stores, do my own hair, in general try to make cheap choices in all other areas of life, so I hope it evens out. I tried a few times to cut this bill down, but just couldn’t make it work – either it took too much time to plan, or I wasn’t happy with the meal options it would leave me with. And this includes meat which I don’t eat, but my husband and son do. If I cut that out, I could probably shave $20-$30 off.

Anyway, the bill frustrates me sometimes because I’m only trying to buy the best foods for my family. I believe in that old adage that you are what you eat. Yoga philosophy is also pretty straightforward about this (as are other philosophies I suppose) – your body is the vehicle for your soul, so you should treat it like a holy, spiritual place for God to rest inside of you. But I struggle because I know I don’t always make a plan before I go grocery shopping, or go when I’m hungry, and invariably spend more than I need to. And I make a conscious attempt to purchase cheaply – like WholeFoods store brand versus name brand – but it doesn’t seem to make the grocery bill budge.

My mom used to be able to purchase for 4 people (including 2 children who ate as much as adults) on only $100 a week. We always had fresh stuff like fruit and veggies, but we also had lots of processed foods like cereals, cookies, crackers, sodas, etc. that I don’t really buy now that I’m an adult (my mom always asks when she comes to my house where the munchies are). So, I was both happy and sad to see this article today. Happy because it’s not just me spending a ridiculous amount of money on food each week. Sad because it really does cost more to eat healthily. What’s wrong with this country?

6 thoughts on “Food (this needs a more interesting title)

  1. Well, your first problem is that you are shopping at Whole Foods, and your second problem is that you live in California.

    There are no solutions to those two. Whole Foods is outstanding in it’s display and assortment of organic food items (which my husband and I cannot afford hence we shop at the military base because we are ex military). No.2 Being a PhD. student you will be here for a number of years and so the California prices will have to be a way of life for you.


    As always Peace be with you!


  2. It is pretty disturbing that healthy foods cost so much more. It sounds like you have made some compromises in your spending, though, so that you can stick to a healthy diet. I don’t think you should compromise on that. In the long run it’s probably worth it to take a few dollars out of the vacation fund or the clothing fund to take care of your body. I should probably do the same.


  3. I recently started posting weekly menu plans on my blog. Nutricious, healthy food is tops in my budget also. I believe that if you eat healthy it solves a lot of health related problems. I would be honored i you looked at my blog. Most of the recipes for the weekly menus are on the blog also.



  4. Might I also add that it is probably a good thing that you are not FAT…………..not that there is anything wrong with that…….
    I would like to recommend the Milk Pail in Mountainview for cheap produce with friendly Mexican Staff, I am not sure if I go there for the produce or the staff, just kidding, anyway, try the Milk Pail, though it is usually crowded on weekends.

    As always
    Peace unto you!


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