i guess i’m not as smart

as i thought i was. i love taking iq tests. i’m not 100% sure why, probably some insecure need to account for the the opportunities i’ve been given as being, at least in part, due to my own abilities. [although i fully and completely believe that 100% of what i have and do is due to the benevolence of others, most importantly, god.] but whatever the reason, i enjoy taking tests, figuring puzzles, etc. i was aware of the controversy around this nobel prize winner’s comments regarding the equivalence of black and white average intelligences, but i didn’t know that iq tests were generally known to be bogus anyway:

I.Q. tests were created in the early 1900s before scientists had sufficient understanding of the brain or genetics. They were cobbled together with no real intelligence theory — developed and adapted to test children in French classrooms, immigrants at Ellis Island and soldiers in the Army during World War I — and they have changed very little over time.”

who knew? [obviously not me.] and all this time i really thought i was a genius…

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