the spirit of saturday

saturday morning i went to mount madonna center to take a 2-hour yoga, pranayama and meditation class. i left palo alto at 6:30am for the 7:30am class. there is something about getting up before dawn and watching the sun rise, especially here.


there was only about 45 minutes of asana, but the rest made up of discussion of the sutras, pranayama and meditation was wonderful, although my foot kept falling asleep. after the class, i had breakfat and watched Baba Hari Dass, the guru who trained my teachers in Ashtanga Yoga. Sitting in his presence is so peaceful – i just watched him as he watched everyone else and ate his breakfast. he has a special affinity for children – he’s started an orphanage in india, there is a school on the center’s campus, and he loves giving children candy, as evidenced in his experience with WA last year:

WA and Babaji

later in the afternoon i taught my yoga class with a sense of clarity i hadn’t had before.

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