i am exhausted. not just in the body but in the mind. and i’m not sure what to do about it.

[an aside before i get back to my point: my son broke off the “a” and the “n” on my laptop and while my husband managed to get them back on in a somewhat acceptable fashion, the “n” keep falling off and it’s so annoying to type because “n” is used so much. so now i need to go get the laptop fixed so at least not having a working “n” is not a further brain drain.]

ok, so back to being exhausted. physically it makes sense, i guess – i’m up early and in bed late, i take care of a baby all day, i hardly get a chance to take a [relaxing] shower, my kids have been sick so i’ve been to the doctor twice in the last two days once for the baby and again for WA. it’s raining here, and thankfully it’s not also cold, but you just can’t use an umbrella with two kids because one is in a car seat and the other wants to hold your hand, so you end up just getting wet and that’s not good. the baby has a cold, so even once i take WA to day care and come home, she’s not mellow and wants to constantly be held.

mentally, it stems from the physical stuff, but it’s also it’s own demon. we are broke, like really broke and while i generally refuse to stress about money, something about the possibility of bouncing a check really gets to me. i also have this long list of stuff i wanted to get down now that the quarter is over, so that’s taking up mental space as to how to get it done. and of course instead of resting, i’m here typing this. the grandparents are coming on sunday and i still don’t know what we are going to do with them. i tried to decorate a bit for the holiday, but it still looks rather wack around here. we don’t have any food and i’m too exhausted to make what we do have.

i hope i don’t sound like i’m complaining cause that’s not my intention. i just want life to stop for 24 hours. *sighing. loudly while nobody’s around.*

One thought on “exhausted

  1. Hey Latoya, Just found your blog…Robin from Masterman/Penn. Being a gradmommy is something else isn’t it? Its like you are surrounded by blessings but they are exhausting you to no end. My daughter is 3 mos as well, and my son is 4. From experience I can tell you, soon, your son will get easier. Overnight, he will become more independent, which translates to less stuff you will have to do for him. Until then, hang in there and know, you are a great mother. I will keep reading as I am “proposal writing”. HUgs & Philly Love, Robin


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