its a wonderful life

did you enjoy christmas [if it is a holiday you celebrate]? mine was great – both in-laws visited for a not-to-short, not-to-long time period, and WA and AR had a certifiable blast. you should of seen WA’s face [although of course you could not] – he was just in another world every time a new grandparent showed up. as i’ve said before, i don’t think he understands christmas, but he was very happy to get some new toys. even AR got in on the action.

i got a great gift – “american idol” for playstation ii. if you don’t know me well, then you don’t know that singing is a passion of mine, but not enough of a passion for me to devote 100%. i’ve sang in various groups my whole life, including singing background for a very talented artist who is going places. but since having my kids, i haven’t sang professionally anywhere [although for my b-day we are gonna tear it up at karaoke!]

so this game is perfect – it even comes with a microphone – *gush.* my husband says that the program can “hear” tonality and whatnot and simon and randy actually critique you! i’ve been toying with the idea of auditioning for the show when they come to california; my parents and in-laws said they would help care for the children if i made it to hollywood. i wonder if i’ll make the age requirement….

3 thoughts on “its a wonderful life

  1. Hey, can we have Karaoke night some time? I am just glad Christmas is over, It would have been nice to see my Mom and Dad, I have not seen my Dad since 2002.:-(


  2. That was a lame comment, anyway, I like the ideas that spark the interests of Children at Christmastime, My daughter got several presents this year, so she was especially excited. I do want her to realize though, that there is more to Christmas than some gifts magically appearing under a Christmas tree. Overall, we enjoyed dinner at your house and your parents were just a delight to be with.


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