an aside: women vs. blacks

If you take a look at my sidebar, I list the various aspects of my identity. While they are listed as separate entities, in reality they cannot be so neatly parsed out from the collective whole. Other bloggers have mentioned this issue time and time again, and you would think mainstream media would have started to get the hint. But apparently not so – women and blacks are opposites, unable to exist together.

Blacks won the right to vote with the 15th Amendment in 1870; women won theirs with the 19th Amendment, in 1920, a half-century later. Each of their causes would stutter-step along at sometimes different paces, but usually in some loose if not formal concert.

When did black women win theirs? Where do we “fit in?” It’s downright depressing to be invisible…

2 thoughts on “an aside: women vs. blacks

  1. I think newspapers often try to create epic battles where there are none (or little). So, the problem with this supposed epic battle is that it omits half the black population while at the same time referring to “blacks” or “African Americans,” which one would think implies everyone. But the omission is not intended, which is probably worse.

    It took me longer than it should have to figure out what this post was about, but now I think I might take that quote from the Times article and present it to my students; see what they think. I wonder if they’ll take as long as I did to get it.


  2. I sooo agree! I overheard some people having the “racism vs sexism” debate the other day and asked where the hell women of color went. I don’t think any of them had ever thought about it before.


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