gluten-free rocks!

That’s for everyone [you know who you are] who’s been so great and helpful about calming my fears about a gluten-free diet. I really appreciate it, and I’ll stop hatin’ on gluten-free cookies and pancakes 🙂 Although I haven’t yet been tested, I started today a wheat free diet. Not sure if I’ve eliminated all gluten yet, but I have to start somewhere. If I don’t get rid of this rash, I’m not sure what ‘ll do.

And, on another notes, thanks to all who expressed outrage at my son’s treatment at the doctor’s. So often things happen where at the time it seems off and wrong but it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what doesn’t seem right. You are trying to maintain good relationships and you constantly question if the way you perceived something is reality or just your take on it and you don’t want to be all sociological on people. Thanks for letting me know that I wasn’t just being super-sensitive.

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