his father’s blood

Oh. My. Word. I’m writing a paper and listening to various TV shows that are discussing the Wisconsin primary results. There is a woman who called into C-Span declaring that Obama is a Muslim and because of that, and what our country has gone through, “We need to do our homework.” The host of the show informed the caller that Obama is not a Muslim, but a member of the United Church of Christ. She replies that, “He might be now…,” at which point the host informed her that he was never a Muslim, but that his father was a Muslim. The difference between his father and  Obama obviously meant nothing to this woman, as she replied, rather indignantly: “Well, his father’s blood is running through his veins…”

Must I comment?

4 thoughts on “his father’s blood

  1. Republican or not, it shouldn’t even be a point of contention. He’s never been muslim. It’s actually even scary to see how many posts a day people have on Obama being muslim. He’s not…give it a rest.
    I almost want to add, what if he was? Is it that wrong, but that’s a whole other story… A woman and an african american is a big step already!

    Ignorance…ignorance… no comment there… It’s just sad.


  2. Christopher – you know, I think she said she was voting Democratic. But even if she is a republican, I’m sure there are a lot of democrats saying the same thing…

    Amayel – you are right – the real question is “so what?” but, if he was Muslim, i think the conversation would be more difficult, even if it’s still irrelevant.

    Andrea – i would assume she’s Christian too. Showing my bias against Christianity (even though I am one, thinking about joining a church too), i think her harsh judgment is not that surprising.


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