i’ve been tagged…now you’re it

I’ve bee tagged by New Soc Prof and I’m very excited as it’s the first time I’ve been tagged. But then I got sad because what I’m supposed to do will reveal how cliche my life is and the narrow band of books I am reading these days. But alas, what can you do?

The game: open the nearest book to page 123 and reproduce the 6-8 sentence.

I had two books side by side, so here they are:

“One can also read the estimated differences in the contribution of religious pluralism to giving and volunteering s a confirmation that religious pluralism stimulates charitable acts by promoting high-quality social networks. The dependent variable is whether individuals donated or volunteered in the past year, not how much money they donated or how many hours of volunteer work they contributed. Giving some money is a lower commitment activity than volunteering just a few hours, and high-quality social networks increase the need for high-commitment activities (Iannaccone 1998).” – Borgonovi, Francesca. (2008). “Divided We Stand, United We Fall: Religious Pluralism, Giving, and Volunteering.” American Sociological Review 70:105-128.  (That was only three sentences, but I have limited time and ASR sentences are long.)

“Tapes that play sounds of nature are widely available and very lovely. They may work nicely, as well as small sound-generating or white-noise devices and clocks you may have seen in stores. The nature sounds (raindrops, a babbling brook, or running water)  often are similar to your heartbeat and fluids rushing in and out of your placenta, which is what your baby heard in utero. (Remember those sounds from when you listened to your baby’s heartbeat with the Doppler stethoscope?) A ticking clock or bubbling fish tank are also wonderful white-noise options.” – Pantly, Elizabeth. (2002). The No Cry Sleep Solution. New York: McGraw-Hill.

I therefore pass the baton and tag:




2 thoughts on “i’ve been tagged…now you’re it

  1. My first tagging experience too — it made me feel sort of popular…

    And, stop reading the No Cry Sleep Solution… Just kidding but the best piece of advice I ever got from a doc on kids and sleep was that 80% of kids will sleep with any number of “solutions” without any crying anyway — if you find yourself the parent of one of the 20%, no solution will come without crying. This helped me (lessened the guilt)…


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