you know you’re a grad student when…

For the first time since my freshman year in college ten years ago, I just pulled a damn-near all-nighter. This time was pretty much by choice, though. I have an assignment due Friday, a final on Monday, and a research paper and research proposal due next Friday. The Friday assignment is a major time suck with seemingly little variation in grade no matter how much work you put into it, so a friend and I just grinded it out yesterday so that we can focus on the other stuff that’s a bit more consequential to our future-grad-student selves. I probably could have gotten more sleep, but when I got home, I figured I needed to do some stuff around the house so that I could feel like I was pulling my weight. My hubby was home by himself with the kids all night; I didn’t even see them before they went to bed. So I washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen and began folding clothes that were washed two days ago but still sitting in piles in the office. But then the baby woke up about 3:30am looking for food, so I pretty much had to get into the bed with her. I slept until 6:00am, took a shower, and took her with me to Starbucks* for a venti soy sugar-free hazelnut latte just so I could stay awake to drive. When I got back, my son was awake, he ate and got dressed, and we headed out. Now it’s 9am and I’m back here trying to decide what to do. Do I sleep, or just keep at it? I have a pretty full day after noon, but I also have lots of work to still complete. It’s most likely a non-issue – I can literally feel the caffeine speeding through my veins. This whole experience has kinda made me sad, as I thought I was past these types of experiences. But then I remember OW of scatterplot fame posting about pulling an all-nighter and realized maybe it doesn’t end if you want to be thorough about your work. And it’s not every night, so I guess it’s just like my hubby says, “You know you’re a real grad student when… ”

* I know that some will be offended by my patronage of Starbucks.  But it’s the closest coffee shop to my house, I always get what I want in terms of quality, and the baristas know my name and my children. So I like it. Who cares what you think.

One thought on “you know you’re a grad student when…

  1. Ha, that’s what I call good timing! I’m reading this post right in the middle of my first all-nighter in a loooong time. Gotta go now, actually. The dissertation awaits!


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