somebody stole my bike

And I am PISSED. In the span of 20 minutes between leaving my house to pick up my children and my husband arriving home from work, somebody stole my bike. AND they left another bike in its place. Yes, I said ANOTHER BIKE IN ITS PLACE. Like they weren’t really stealing just trading.  I am so f$*king mad right now. The screaming kid does not even come CLOSE to this. I think I need some ice cream.

4 thoughts on “somebody stole my bike

  1. Wow, that sucks! I remember in college, someone stole my bike lock and left my bike.

    While indulging in the ice cream, you can concoct some elaborate story which would explain why a person would swap your bike with another. Perhaps they were on the run from someone, and didn’t want to be recognized by the bike they were riding.


  2. Wow, if that wasn’t so ignorant, it would be funny. I remember when I used to live in a town with “public bikes” . They were these bright yellow bikes with the name of the beach on them that you could just pick up on one end of the beach, and ride it to your favorite resturaunt or somthing, then when sombody leaves, they can ride away on that bike and you would pick up the bike of the next person that comes allong.


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