a clarification

Dear reader,

My hubby, who catches up on the blog every few days, says that my last few posts have perhaps mis-characterized myself and our family. So I write this to say I have not gone crazy and do appreciate your well-wishes, I harbor no ill-will towards the majority race, and hubby and I really enjoy the time we spend with our children (it’s not all just watching the clock.) I assured him that people on the blogosphere understand that sometimes bloggers write posts that are emotional and may not clearly reflect the entirety of the essence of oneself. But in case that was not clear to anyone who is reading, the above more accurately reflects the rule (with the linked posts being the exception.) I apologize for any misunderstandings.

All my best,


4 thoughts on “a clarification

  1. sometimes i write posts just to see if hubby is reading… unfortunately (or, fortunately) he often is not.

    i didn’t judge you or him — i was delighted to see that others are also checking out the clock at times, praying for bedtime.


  2. For the record, I did not need the clarification. I take it as given that you have ups as well as downs. I have lived and am living an actual real life with all its complexities. Could be that you (and I) vs. your hubby have different gender or cultural backgrounds that influence how we talk about our lives. Whether you are up or down, the hard thing about writing about yourself is that you can never capture the fullness of yourself in public writing. It’s an eerie feeling. Anyway, good luck!


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