post-ASA post

So everybody else has written their post-ASA post, so I guess it’s time for me to do the same. But I am not yet home, having stopped in Philadelphia for the remainder of the week to hang out with family. So my post will have to be short because the ergonomics of this work station is not the best for me. Let’s start with the good and move to the bad:

1. I absolutely missed my kids so much more than I thought I would.

2. I absolutely enjoyed my alone time with my hubby this weekend much more than I thought I would.

3. I feel conflicted about #1 and #2, but as a result of this weekend, we’ll be making some permanent changes to get more together time on a regular basis.

4-added at the end and I’m too lazy to re-label-a: I enjoyed meeting all the people on the blogosphere that I didn’t know previously at the Scatterplot party. I espcially enjoyed introducing myself to Jeremy (he knows why – I hope.) Thanks, too, to Monsoon for being so nice to my hubby 🙂

4. My talk went well. I’ve received a couple of emails from folks in the audience, and I assume that means that I did good otherwise why would they waste their time, right?

5. I made some new friends, like people I will actually hang out with again in the future. That is pretty cool.

6. I went to some sociology of the family sessions that left me pretty sad. The work was solid, but the assumption that the only families that are worthy of theorectical interest are those that are white, married and middle-class is annoying and frustrating.

7. I had that feeling that I’ve talked about before of feeling physically drained as the only black woman in the room, the only one asking about race and ethnicity, etc, etc.

8. I remembered why I love living in CA. It is miserably hot and humid around here (here being the East Coast.)

9. The T kinda sucks. It goes everywhere, but takes like 3-4 connections to get between two places that are only 3 miles apart from each other.

10. But cabs suck more. It takes like $20 to get between two places that are only 3 miles apart from each other.

Those are my initial thoughts. Maybe later I’ll add some links.

4 thoughts on “post-ASA post

  1. Monsoon’s great about that whole being nice to people thing. That’s actually, in a roundabout way, how she got into blogging.

    I wanted to go to the blogger party last year at ASA, but was too scared to go by myself, so I dragged Monsoon with me (of course, at the time, she had no pseudonym). I figured she was extroverted enough to make up for my shyness. She liked meeting everyone so much, she decided she wanted to be a blogger too!


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