i had a date with a genius

My computer, a beautiful brand new MacB00k, only 5 months old, has experienced a meltdown. I thought Macs were supposed to be problem free! (I should have known better – with what other computer maker do you have to make an appointment, several days in advance, with a “genius” to get things fixed? Every @pple product I’ve ever bought has had a least one date with the genius bar.) The darn thing got so hot that the genius said he couldn’t even look at it until it cooled down. Thankfully I have the @pple care protection plan, which will hopefully get me a new computer if they can’t fix this one. And I bought the time c@psule, which kept hourly backups, so I guess it was worth the $300.

It will be 7-10 business days (business days!!!) to get it back. So until then, the hubby and I will be sharing a 2003 ib00k G4 which is fine for general internet browsing, but not much else. So posts will be rather sparse until I get my baby back. Next week’s posts will most likely be about my second year as a gradmommy of two (I was also a gradmommy last year, but with only one child, on the east coast, with lots of help, etc). My daughter turns 1 year old next week, so I think it will be a good time for reflection.

3 thoughts on “i had a date with a genius

  1. apple is great when it comes to speedy delivery–they replaced a faulty hard drive in 3 business days!

    Next week i’m replacing my old ibook G4 with a new Macbook. Whee!


  2. Oh my…I asked for a Mac at work and instantly fell in love with it; it seems so much more thoughtfully designed than PCs. But part of this love affair is the idea that I can’t crash this machine—is my Mac lying to me???


  3. ORJ – I have to say yes, it is lying to you. I have no idea what went wrong – I just kept getting this weird message telling me I needed to restart my computer 5 minutes after I turned it on. I used to think that Apple was great to have the genius bar in their stores instead of having to send it by mail. I thought it was just really good customer service. But now I realize that they have to have it because there are so many problems…at the store near me, you cannot walk in without an appointment with the geniuses. I’ve had 3 ipods and all of them have had dates with the geniuses 😦 I think you don’t have to worry about viruses so much, but other crazy stuff can definitely happen. I still prefer my Mac to a PC anyday because it is much more thoughtfuly designed.


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