is this a form letter?

Or does someone actually think my work is worth publishing?

Dear Gradmommy,

I am writing as Editor of Journal to invite you to submit the interesting paper you recently presented at the ASA Meeting in Boston. “Your Work” is a provocative analysis and one I would like an opportunity to review.

If you decide to submit your paper for review and possible publication in Journal, please send an e-copy and 2 hard copies to

City, State, Zip +4

A $10.00 processing fee should accompany the hard copies. Please note, this fee is waived for graduate students.



It’s weird because I’m devoting the two weeks until the semester starts in getting said paper publication ready by addressing some of the issues raised at ASA and cleaning up the writing since I had several epiphanies after reading The Elements of Style. So if this is for real, and not a form, it gives me more motivation to really attack this thing and see if I can get it published in a known journal. Not that I wouldn’t keep going anyway, cause like I said it was my plan, but it removes maybe 5% of the self-doubt I have that no really cares about my idea.

4 thoughts on “is this a form letter?

  1. Not a form letter but not a promise of a publication, either, although it is a sign that the topic would be deemed relevant. Editors do solicit submissions from ASA presentations. If it is a journal you would like to publish in, go for it.


  2. I wouldn’t let this letter shape your decision too much, although it’s great if it motivates you to finish up the article. I’d come up with an ordered list of a few journals where you’d consider sending the article — based on prestige of the journal, quality of the article, relevance of the topic, and importance for your career. THEN see where the above journal falls in that ranking. If it’s close to the top, then send it there. If not, don’t sell yourself short because you think that you are more likely to get it accepted in this journal as opposed to others.


  3. Anon – I feel you I actually thought about it and decided that I’m going to work to submit it elsewhere first, cause the other journal was where I really wanted to see it. I was just wondering if these are the type of emails that usually come after ASA, by editors perusing the titles of talks, or if by chance this person actually saw my presentation. And it was something sociological to talk about for half a day.


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