if they would have asked me i would have said this is a stupid question



I don’t understand either of the options. If race is about physical traits, a classification system based on physical features, then once you no longer look like that race, then you generally aren’t. I know this is a controversial thing to say, because race is also about self-idenitifcation. But I think that once society fails to see you as black, then you no longer have the black racial experience. So I’m not quite sure what they mean by diversity – physical diversity has always been the case.

Cultural diversity is, though, another question. But even if culturally there is more diversity among blacks than in the past, does that really translate to multiple races? No, it doesn’t. Because culture is not race and race is not culture. Are they asking if it’s annoying to be lumped together based on physical traits when people are living drastically different lives? Then yes, I can understand responding, “No, we are not just one group.” But to ask the question about being one race – there is considerable diversity between whites too. Why did they not ask whites the same question?

2 thoughts on “if they would have asked me i would have said this is a stupid question

  1. If this chart is based on the Pew Report I read (skimmed, really) on the question, the survey hoped to expose a “widening gap” between the views of middle-class Blacks and poor Blacks. The two groups share fewer and fewer values, with poor Blacks feeling the divergence most sharply. In some ways, it seemed to confirm Wilson’s arguments in “The Declining Significance of Race” that class, and not race, is the most influential factor in determining life outcomes for Blacks. I don’t think that’s entirely true (and Obama’s struggles with race in the election made that very clear), but that’s another story. The chart, without more context, does a poor job of illustrating the Pew Center’s research agenda. I think (hope) that they based their conclusions on more than just this question which has, as you pointed out, problems.

    On an entirely different note, I owe you an email. It’s coming. 🙂


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