how ironic

How am I supposed to be building wealth, especially in these troubling times, if I’m spending my hard-earned dollars on this? I think they should be giving these away for free, considering that neither are post-election, saying something like “Yes We Did!”:


I bought a few newspapers the day after the election, and plan on framing those with some contact paper, craft board and some glue.

And on that note, I REALLY think the Obama campaign/team and similarly associated organizations should stop emailing for money; it’s getting rather annoying. Don’t they understand we’re in a recession? I’ve made my investment, $35 dollars multiple times in the past year, so now I’m waiting for my return.

4 thoughts on “how ironic

  1. I highly recommend a spray adhesive for mounting -it can be messy and tricky but it won’t cause the magazine cover to wrinkle or get “wet” looking spots like liquid glues can. Super77 is what I used to use to mount things, I think. It’s been a while since I’ve had to do it.

    I’m kicking myself for not grabbing a few papers announcing his victory 😦


  2. Those will look really nice framed! And I’m with you on the please-stop-asking-for-money issue. (Was just thinking something along those lines yesterday, as I opened up the 3rd message like that this week!)


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