I’ve decided that I’m really going to focus this blog on gradmommy-hood, rather than being a catch-all for all that’s on gradmommy’s mind. I think often about value-added – if someone does it better than you, and you aren’t all that jazzed about doing it anyway, then why do it? Especially when there is something else to which you can really add value that there aren’t a lot of people already doing.

I was originally a little more than a year ago (I didn’t celebrate my blog anniversary!) inspired by olderwoman’s post about the choices and constraints and consequences of familyhood and academia that she’d made over the years. I was motivated to write about how I was handling those same issues, but somewhere a long the way this year I lost my way. I’m also inspired by some personal blogs that I really like. So I’m going to get a little more personal. I think I’m getting back on track.

There are so many interesting gradmommy-ish things to write about. Like this week I’ll be interviewing two babysitters. And my on-going potty training drama, including the increase in laundry that I had not been considering. And how teething can really ruin a week of sleep. And how seeing other pregnant graduate students makes me want to have another baby, like, now, until I go home in the evenings and am faced with the two I already have. And my difficulty separating my life from my work when I’m researching my life. And how my blood pressure and pulse are higher than they’ve ever been in my life. Or my sometime-y ambivalence about this whole thing.

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