the process

The research process is hard. I presented in a workshop today and walked away feeling like I’d just had the wind knocked out of me, even though nothing really bad had been said about my work. The professors in the room even said that I would definitely get a book out of the project one day. But just the experience of having to show all your cards to the table so everyone can see your weak spots, and not just see him but comment on them – wow, it just kind of sucks.

Big thanks to yli for being there. I thought she was there just for me, but then I learned she’d signed up for the workshop for the quarter 🙂 But she had some great comments that I really need to talk to her more about.

The kids made me feel better afterwards. We went to our special Friday playdate that has anywhere from 8-15 kids and Big Boy stayed dry the whole time (although there was a whole ‘nother stinky smelly mess when we got home). Baby Girl had everyone laughing but still cried whenever I left the room. We met another babysitter tonight who I really liked, and whose rate ($15) was more in line with what my mom friends told me was the going rate.

I’m really stressed out right now.

3 thoughts on “the process

  1. i actually hadn’t known you were presenting because i signed up late and didn’t get any scheduling email — but i’m so glad i went! will be happy to talk more about it if you want.

    i hear what you say about presenting at workshops. but i thought you did a great job both presenting and taking in questions and suggestions. and i felt other people had the same impression. i was actually pleased that all of the comments were very relevant to your paper, instead of the kind of “i think you should study this (because this is more interesting to me)” comments that you often get at workshops….

    hope you find your perfect babysitter soon!


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