THE KITCHEN TABLE: Women’s Health and Economic Recovery

THE KITCHEN TABLE: Women’s Health and Economic Recovery.

The White House urged House Democrats to strip the Medicaid Family Planning Option from the stimulus package.  This provision would expand access to affordable family planning to millions of low-income women.  Over the past week conservative pundits and policy makers have miss represented and lied about this provision.  House Minority leader Boehner claimed the provision would cost the millions, but it would actually save the federal government up to 700 million dollars.

I am deeply disgusted that poor women’s health has become an acceptable political football and I am outraged that Obama punted. In an economic recession is it immoral and dangerous to keep poor women from having access to safe and effective birth control.  If conservatives want to reduce abortions, they must increase access to birth control.  If the religious right wants to scream about making “good” choices  about child rearing, they must increase access to birth control.  If Bill Cosby wants black women to be more responsible about having babies, he should be encouraging more access to birth control.  If we claim to be a country of equal opportunity we should not allow safe and reasonable family planning to be the exclusive purview of the elite.

Please check this out…as a mother, I firmly believe in family planning. Access and information on birth control should not be only for the well-off, but espcially for the poor. Raising kids is expensive, and while I know the research on why poor women have children, I still firmly believe that in a recession, people need all the access and information they can get. Poor women are always the ones that bear the brunt of the pain during recessions and are the last to get some relief when things turn around. Let’s press our President to do the right thing and make a different decision.

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