someone stop the world

Mexico was wonderful, beautiful, all that an all-inclusive resort vacation should be. One of my best friends got married to a wonderful man with a white sand beach as the backdrop, and my husband and I spent some much deserved and appreciated kid-free time remembering what it’s like to be in love again.

I thought the vacation induced stupor of feeling rested and relaxed would last a little bit longer than this.

The children were lovingly cared for by their grandparents. And right now, they are not being extra out-of-control – just regular-like. But I’m hungry – no all you can eat buffet here of never ending french toast and scrambled eggs, no lunchtime grilled fish and cut cucumber, no dinnertime cheesecake and ice cream. And I just might be going through a mild alcohol withdrawal, too – all you can drink is still all you can drink, despite the overall weakness of the mixes.

And I’m back to being tired. I guess I didn’t notice it as much because I wasn’t doing much, but now that I’m home, the headache I was battling before I left has reappeared and the bone tiredness is too. About 2 weeks before we left for vacation, I tried to give blood, but was turned away due to low iron levels in my blood. I’ve never been turned away, and I’ve been a vegetarian most of my adult life, and have never been diagnosed anemic. So I need to get that checked out. I guess I thought the world had stopping spinning while I was away…

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