Gradmommy’s Back (Like Backstreet)

About 3 years ago (well, give or take a week or two) I started this blog with my official first post. At the time, my youngest child was only 4 months old, and she was napping, from what I can gather. I was in my first quarter of PhD-ness, and I had some papers to write, and some grocery shopping to do, but my baby was a feisty one and didn’t like to be woken up. Over the next two or so years I wrote this blog pretty diligently, had a nice following, went through some things. And then I stopped blogging here to focus on a group blog, the

But recently, I’ve just felt the need for a more personal space. My blogs at CocoaMamas  have been more personal lately, but that’s not really what CocoaMamas is about, where posts are more general in nature about raising cocoa children in a world that’s not made to be accommodating to them. I still think that is extremely valuable, and it’s still my pride and joy. But now in my fourth year, when my baby is now 3 years old, my oldest now almost 5(!), I need a space to be personal, to bear my soul, to talk about my issues. So back here I’ve come.

I hope you’ve missed me. It’s nice to be missed. I want to write every day. I have a friend whose written magic every day over the past year and wonderful things have come to her life. So I’m going to try her method and see what happens for me.

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