The end of the quarter is always a drag money-wise. The money from my fellowship is slowly dwindling from the bank account all quarter until mid-December, when it’s all gone. We found our checking account in dire straits, just a few hundred dollars to cover thousands in monthly expenses.

My husband is a worrier when it comes to money, which is why I try to keep him out of it as much as possible. If he really knew how much money it takes to keep us afloat, how much manuevering I do each month with the timing of this and the timing of that, he would have a heart attack just thinking about it.

But this I had to tell him about. It was that deep. And we needed to go the grocery store. But I did tell him this – don’t worry. God is going to take care of us. We aren’t, and weren’t, spending recklessly. I didn’t know how, but I knew God was going to provide for our basic needs. I prayed and I had faith.

We went to the store, and spent slightly less than we usually do. Now that classes are over, I can cook more – and I love to cook. So I was able to cut out a lot of processed things that actually cost more. But what we could afford was still only going to get us through the week. Next week? I didn’t know.

But God is faithful, and delivers on His promises. My dear friend is moving, and while it hasn’t quite sunk in that she is going to be gone, her presence steady for the past three years, her leaving answered our prayer.

The day after we went grocery shopping, and the day before she and her family was to board their flight to their new home, she called. “Do you want to go shopping in our freezer?” she joked. She didn’t know how un-funny it was and how truly a blessing she was. Now my freezer is filled with food, enough to last the month.

I will never doubt the power of God. I truly “let go, and let God,” not worrying about tomorrow’s problems when today has enough problems of its own. I DID NOT WORRY, and it worked! A part of me is unbelieving, but the deeper part of me is not, because it’s exactly as I believed, as I believed in His faithfulness. I thought it would come in the form of more $$, but all I wanted was for the need to be fulfilled, and that’s exactly what happened.


2 thoughts on “testimony

  1. God works in mysterious ways. This is truly a miracle. You deserve all of the blessings you get because you are a beautiful person with a loving heart.


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