give me a break

Breaks during the academic year are lifesavers for me. I cannot function without them. I try to start the quarter off healthily, eating well, exercising, sleeping, doing more by doing less. But it all goes to a virtual kitty litter box (smelly, stinky) about three weeks in, when the pace doesn’t slow down, not even for a second, and all my tactics for staying healthy get put on the backburner. Back behind the skillet with the hot bacon grease, grease that pops and burns every time I try to reach over or around it to get my health back. Nope, my ish is all blocked up. Bacon grease.

So I love a good break. The heat gets turned down on that grease, and it’s all oranges and organic pears and green tea and blissful yoga. It would be nice, however, if they occurred more often. Every two months would be nice. A two week break, every two months, yes. If I ran a university, I’d run it run it so every two months, everyone got a two week break.

But since I don’t run my own university, and can’t bank on that happening in my lifetime, I need to figure out a way to make this schedule work. Cause living for the breaks…yeah, that’s not working too well.

The day after my last final, my 8-hour-take-home-final (evil), I woke up and Could.Not.Move.

My upper back and shoulders were locked in a position that made movement impossible without excruciating pain. Just a few days before, my therapist had said to me that my body was fittin’ to crash. If I didn’t take care of it, it would take care of itself. By finding itself laying flat on its back.

So the first days of my break were spent recuperating. Heating pads. IcyHot stick-em-things. Menthol rub. Just laying in the bed, in pain, having no fun, watching bad TV.

Now I’m feeling better, doing yoga, meditating. Only two days in, but less than three weeks left. Hoping to keep it up, wanting to keep it through to the next break, just a week in March, right after I turn 30. Because I cannot keep this up into the next decade of my life. Living for the breaks. Dying during the year. It’s not a sustainable model.

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