it’s winter break. i’m breaking. kinda.

I’m trying though. Really I am. Finished the Christmas shopping. Not doing any household projects. Well, only a few. Only the necessary ones, the ones that are just so annoying undone.

But I must take heed. The body will take care of itself. And maybe I’m doing more than I should be. ‘Cause what started out as a cold is moving dangerously into body aches and stomach nastiness that alka-sletzer isn’t touching. And my voice hasn’t come back yet – my high notes have been gone since Saturday.

And company – my favorite company, my in-laws and my parents – come at the end of the week. I know, it’s amazing that I enjoy my in-laws and parents, but I really do. And I know they worry about my health so I want to be healthy when they are around. That might mean me sitting on my behind doing absolutely nothing for the next few days.

sounds good to me.

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