today i watched history

Today marked the historic occasion of the beginning of OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network. I don’t know if it’s historic because it’s the first black woman owned network or what, but it’s historic to me because Oprah is a black woman and she has a network named after her. To me, that is just…wow.

I’ve been watching for the past hour and a half or so, and it’s been…okay. It’s like any other network geared toward the 25 – 55 year old female set of television viewers who have kids and want to live a charmed life but are stuck in some kind of rut and read books that Oprah says to read even though most of the books she picks actually sucks.

I watched a show on decluttering/hoarding, but for some reason I swear I’ve seen it before. Not a show like it (i.e., Horders or Clean House) but like that exact show with that host. Suspect.

Then I watched a show called “searching for…” where people are searching for their birth parents. A black man in his 40s finds his father in Atlanta, and a whole family along with it. It was a touching reunion. Then a set of twins try to find their birth mother 40 years after being adopted, and things aren’t going so well. Their birth mother wants nothing to do with them. They never expected that she would deny them. Tragic.

I saw a couple of commercials that I’d seen on other channels – commercials for air fresheners, mops, Kohl’s, etc. I also saw previews for other shows to come on the network, like “Master Class” where celebrities tell their life secrets to success. The one I keep seeing is for Diane Sawyer, which does not excite me in the least. I heard that there will be one with Jay-Z. Interesting.

Next up is Miracle Detectives. I hate these kinds of shows. I love mysteries, but not these kinds. They don’t really explain anything. I want explanations. I turn the channel.

But see, that’s okay. I don’t need the network to be somehow crazy awesome. Being just like Bravo or TLC doesn’t bother me in the least. And some of the shows, like this “searching for…,” are actually different. But even if they weren’t, I wouldn’t care. A BLACK WOMAN HAS HER OWN NETWORK! Do you get how humongous that is? It could be nothing by the Oprah Show, Dr. Phil, Nate Berkus, and Dr. Oz 24/7. (Well, maybe not Nate. His show is B-O-R-I-N-G.)

It could be Oprah scratching her ass and picking her dandruff.

Well, maybe not.

But my point is that she need not do more than be her awesome self, which is already manifested by having her own network, deciding what is shown on it, being the boss. She need not be better or greater because she’s already proven how she is better and greater because ain’t nobody else out there got a NETWORK named after them! I will consider OWN as I consider HGTV, Bravo, and TLC on my daily TV watching schedule. I will make sure to tune in at least once per day if Nielsen chooses my home to place a ratings box (I got one of those surveys the other day.) I will support OWN 100%.

But I won’t watch Miracle Detectives. That’s a #FAIL.

I’m jus sayin’….

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