How Wii Do The Holiday Break

I admit it: I am damn happy break is over. O.V.E.R.

Because these kids are getting on my last nerve.

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you know that I love my children from the inside-out, frontwards and back, but I’m not cut out for this 24-7 contact.

While most of the rest of the University’s students have been chillaxin’ for the last two weeks, I’ve been with my family. University run day-care also takes a break when the students take a break.

And we had some fun times. The first part was kind of nice. Like when I had them over the summer, we established a little groove, and since Daddy was home too (he’s a University employee), it was nice the four of us being together. Then the grandparents came for Christmas time fun, which was really nice. My kids are still little, so there was little Christmas madness; they were happy with what they got, which was a lot. The kids opened their gifts:

and played with their grandparents (including this bad game of Go Fish):

(that’s my dad’s skinny leg.)

But once the grandparents left, we still had a whole week to go. And by day two-post-grands, this is what we looked like:

(and yes, that is a Snuggie. Don’t hate.)

The only thing that saved us from going batshit crazy (and by “us” I mean them, ‘cause when it comes down to it, I’m not going crazy again. Oh no, not me. If somebody was going to have to take one for the team, it wasn’t going to be me. I’ve been there and done that.  At almost 5 and almost 3.5, kids are old enough to contribute psychologically to the family now. It has to start sometime.) was the gift from the gods (and by “gods” I mean Nana and Pappi.)

The Wii. The red holiday Wii.

Those kids have played the Wii for at least four hours every day since they got it.

I know, I know, video games are bad for kids, blah, blah, blah. Whatevs. It’s the rainy season here in NoCal and it’s chilly. I don’t do rain and cold. As you see from the picture above, I do nice quiet activities that involve blankets and reading. The Wii keeps them (mostly) out of my hair. They need a bit of help setting it up, and they want to change games every twenty minutes, but I can handle that. They are pretty competent in bowling, not very competent in tennis (although they love to play it – whoever serves generally wins), and love the Nickelodeon Fit. The fact that this thing comes with preschool games is sheer genius in my opinion. Rainy weekends around here just became a lot more manageable.

And before you start judging me, they still went outside and played. With Daddy. And we still read books. Before bed. And they’ll still get lots of non-TV time. At pre-school. Which begins back this week. Which brings me back to my original point. I am so happy break is over.

P.S. I plan to end every post with a note of gratitude this year. I hear that being grateful is somehow good for you. I can’t remember how, but it surely can’t be bad for you. And I think it has to be something more profound than “grateful for waking up this morning” because that’s, like, a given, otherwise you wouldn’t be writing, unless you have some terminal illness or something which doesn’t apply to me. Anyway.

I’m grateful today to have two children close enough in age to play together. At first it was hard, having two babies, two babies in diapers, two babies who were totally dependent. But now I have two children who can actually be each other’s company, who ask about each other, who prefer each other’s company to other people. Yet they are independent in school settings, secure in their at-home relationship. They play well together, and even though they fight, they can spend hours sitting right next to each other, all up in each other’s space and be okay. I feel very blessed to have two children with so special a bond. It makes my life a little easier knowing that they have each other.

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