30 looks good on me


Yeah, I think it does 🙂

Although I’d planned today to be different, due to some exigent circumstances, it was just like any other day. But different.

Hubby co-oped for me this morning so I could study for the exam I need to take tomorrow. Then we (hubby and I) had lunch at the cheapest place we could think of: soup, salad, and bread sticks at the Olive Garden. $8.50 each. Didn’t the bread sticks used to be garlic? Now they are just…regular. Nothing Italian about them. Like you can buy at the supermarket and put in the oven yourself. Whole meal would have been less than $20, even with tip, but I needed a cup of coffee.

The kids were not very good today – perhaps too much wax in the ears – but I told them that because I loved them and it was my birthday, they could have cupcakes. There is a fabulous cupcake store (yup, they only make cupcakes) around the corner, so we stopped in to get a quarter-dozen:

The one second to the bottom was mine: carrot cake. Amazing, I used to HATE carrot cake. Now, it’s my absolute favorite kind of cake. Funny how things change.

I went to yoga. I missed on Monday, and my body has been calling for it ever since. I always manage to be late. Today was no exception. I hoped to have my cupcake with the kids when I came back, but apparently daddy had had enough. And apparently the kids hadn’t wanted to wait for me.

The kids gave me cards. When I told my mother, she said, “Oh, did they make them?!” When I said no, I sort of had an Amy-Chua-Tiger-Mom-moment, like, OMG, why didn’t my kids make my cards, this is so subpar, they could have made them, etc, etc. Crazy how little nuggets of nuttiness can be planted in the parenting head so quickly. And then I remembered this:

The inside of the card said, “SEE BACK.” He needed enough room to tell me how much he loves me.

Everything and all is right in my world.

2 thoughts on “30 looks good on me

  1. I’m glad you had a nice day, in spite of the “normalcy.” As for your question, my hubby’s family is a big OG fan and I’ve been going yearly sinfce 1998 ot 9. The only way those breadsticks were “garlic” was with some garlic powder sprinkled on top… but they used to be tastier, I think. It also varies from restarurant to restaurant… some are light and fresh, others taste heavy and not too good 😦 Franchise food, right? I still like the salad and the soup! This lunch you had used to cost 6 dollars… not it went up. We’ve had it in various places, most notably at the OG in Times Square. 😉

    I think your son’s writing on your card is lovely! Let’s reseve our Amy Shua moments for things that are more relevant, right? (hubby and I are tiger parents when it comes to piano, and that’s about it).

    those cupcakes are LOVELY!! I think I’ve finally succumbed to the cupcake craze, but I can bake my own vegan versions which are yummy too.

    P.S. can I steal the post title for my 40th birthday post? 🙂


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