kinks, rain, and platform change

There will be a bit of a disruption over here at gradmommy for a day or so while I switch over to a self-hosted blog! I’m pretty excited about this move, which I feel like makes me into a “real” blogger πŸ™‚ But the move does require a day or so of down time, while files are moved over from one platform to another.

And anyway, I have two sick kids on my hands. And since I don’t have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it seems as though if kids are sick on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am the designated sick-kids-taker-carer-of-person even though I have work to do. These are the types of things I started gradmommy to talk about – how being a grad student means that your time is seen as flexible, even when you’ve scheduled it not to be; how you can “make it up” in ways that others cannot. And part of why I wanted to be an academic was exactly for this reason. But until I started doing it, I didn’t realize that it also had a down side. I hope that the move to the new site will jumpstart that conversation again, although it will still be the personal blog you’ve grown to love πŸ™‚

Don’t get me wrong; I’m grateful that my time is flexible, but other times I’m a bit resentful, I have to admit. I want my cake and the ice cream too. I have this paper to write that I’m actually really excited about, and want to get my thoughts down. It requires though that I go through course readings, making an outline of what I want to say. But it’s hard when you have two kids fighting each other space to lay on Mommy. And I’m a thin person. There’s not that much space to go around. They are hurting me with their elbows and hard heads pushing and shoving more than they are hurting each other.

But again, I know not to piss this time away. One day they’ll want nothing to do with me. If I can’t get them off of me now, I should save up all this clingy-ness to remember when those days come around. Some mothers don’t have this option. But all of motherhood can’t be spent being grateful, can it?

On a similar, grumpy, note, the rain has finally stopped and the sunshine is pouring in. It’s going into the 70s this week. But it’s ironic that while all last week of Spring Break during the rain, my kids were well and cooped up in the house, but now that its warm and sunny and school is back in, they have monster colds with fevers. Nature is a SOB.


the rain last week


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