list: to do. updated.

(in no particular order of importance, because i generally only do important things. learned that from the seven habits guy. deadlines are noted.)

1. respond to some emails from some very nice people who deserve a response.

2. contemplate why i’m feeling so glum.

1. write 25-page critical theory paper on “the problem with parental involvement.” deadline: 4/11. status: outline created, first paragraph written.

2. submit application for funds to pay dissertation interview subjects. deadline: 4/5. status: haven’t even looked at it.

3. take my kids to their first dentist appointments. deadline: when Big A was three. he’s five. status: no appointment made.

4. submit dissertation research proposal for IRB approval.

5. wash, twist, and braid my hair. deadline: yesterday. status: pretty gross, but God made hats.

6. go to the doctor for this chronic lump in my throat and pain in my ears. deadline: last night. status: who has time? resolved on its own

7. go grocery shopping. deadline: probably wednesday.

8. prepare and file our taxes. deadline: 4/15 (can someone verify? i thought i heard some rumblings about an extra day?). status: maybe should apply for an extension.

9. write history of american law paper. deadline: before i graduate. status: i hope i don’t forget. that would be ugly.

10. finish moving to deadline: i’m paying for it. status: 90% done, last 10% looks like it will require a ton of work. but it will be awesome.

there must be more, but i assume they are unimportant or else i’d remember them. this list shall be frequently updated and reposted. instead of tackling any of these right now, i’m off to watch modern family on hulu. it’s not like me to procrastinate, but i work best in the mornings. and it’s the end of the week. everyone deserves some down time, even if their kids teeth hang in the balance.

they’re only baby teeth, right? (update: no one answered me. does that indicate that i’m wrong?)

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