What’s Going On

Wow, it’s been a minute since I’ve updated this blog. Not for lack of things going on, though. Probably the biggest issue with keeping it up is time, and since I’ve had a full-time job this summer, time has been at such a premium. This is the first full-time job I’ve had in four years, and, well, it’s alright. But I hardly get to see my kids before they go to bed, so blogging here hasn’t been a priority that I can justify. And of course when it rains it rains hard so in addition to having no time there are other forces trying to rock my world so when there is so much going on, I have a hard time coming to a conclusion about exactly what to write. There are just too many damn options. My bipolar mind can’t take it.

Let me just say, for now, that I’m back. I’m going to try to update more often, every other day maybe, no promises, but build back up the readership. This blog usta be something, ya know? I used to think that I had to write books, but I’m giving that up in favor of writing more often. Some themes to look forward to:

  • My kids are headed to the East Coast this weekend for a month-long vacation, and so I have time to live like a 30-year-old married to another 30-something should.
  • Should I stop drinking? and other dietary considerations given my temperamental digestive tract
  • Why I like doing practical (vs. academic) work but why it will never be a full-time pursuit for me
  • Books! Songs! Karaoke! (not necessarily in that order)
  • Can I stop cussing? and other spiritual considerations for getting closer to God and leading a “holy” life, whatever that means
  • And oh shit golly gee – I have a dissertation to write!

See, already that’s a lot. I feel like I’m already doing too much by saying what I’m going to do. I could write more, but I’m going to pack up my stuff at my desk at my summer job (which I have yet to get paid for, which is another post perhaps for tomorrow cause it’s a drama) and take my ass behind to yoga.

Namaste y’all.

2 thoughts on “What’s Going On

  1. Among the other things, I am extremely interested to hear your thoughts on practical vs. academic work. Also, your dissertation topic/research. Take care.


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