just one of them days*

You ever had one of them days where you are in a bad mood at the end of the day even though you can’t point to anything in particular that went wrong?

Where the best you can come up with is “the sun didn’t come out soon enough today”?

Where people being who they are – who they always have been – irritates the hell out of you? Where they do the same inconsiderate ass shit as they did last week but last week it wasn’t inconsiderate – it was just them – but this week it has gotten under your skin?

And today you just want to kick and scream and throw the hugest pity party for one ever planned and executed, complete with a pinata and Eyeore-themed party favors?

No? Well, f@ck you.


*And just so you know, I linked to this video because I like the song, not because my period is on (for those who don’t know, this song is thought to be a quasi-commercial for “feminine” products.) Every time a woman is having a bad day does not mean she’s PMSing, okay? OKAY?


2 thoughts on “just one of them days*

  1. Yep..just had a WEEK like that.. Im sure my husband is glad thats ova.. n it was not even that “time” of the month. ha!


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