more than remembering

I wrote this yesterday, at about 10pm west coast time, one hour prior to his death.

Today, my good friend and I took my children to a vigil for Troy Davis. They are only 4 and 5, so they did not fully grasp what was going on. I told them that we were there to pray for a man that the government was going to put to death because he made a bad decision. I told them that I didn’t think that was the right thing to do, and that’s why we were there.

I didn’t tell my children what to think. I let them know that this man was accused of killing someone. I let them know that many people do not believe that this man had done this bad thing.

I wasn’t there to indoctrinate my kids. I was there to let them know that when they see something happening around them that they think is wrong, that the right thing to do is to speak up. I told them that standing by while bad things happen is not an option. I told them that we cannot just go on with our lives as if nothing is happening. I told them that we are all responsible for the things our government does in our name.

I think they got that message. I think they watched me practice what I preach. I think they learned that actions speak louder than words.

Troy Davis will probably be executed tonight, before many of you even read this message. Don’t let his death be in vain. DO SOMETHING.

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