it’s time

Since I’m pregnant, giving up some food substance for lent just seems like unnecessary torture (although I am trying a gluten free diet – more on that another time.) I also can’t don’t want to give up my main source of entertainment – television shows on Hulu. What will I do when sitting in my bed several hours a day?

But what I can give up is something that I check way too often and depend on way too much for human contact – Facebook and Twitter. Strange how these tools of social networking have taken a large part of my day when I could be hanging out with flesh-and-bone folks. During these times of depression, restricting FB and Twitter feels like a real sacrifice – I can interact online without having to look in anyone’s eyes, without having to quell my tears, without having to really concentrate. Interacting in person is so much harder. FB allows me to feed the depression.

But since I decided to fight this thing, the isolation of the internet is just not an option. So it’s time to cut the virtual strings. Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “it’s time

  1. Although I still sometimes get an urge to log-in (particularly when I’m bored), I’ve found that staying off of FB has been good for me. I hope it’s the same for you. 🙂


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