for a pregnancy that is still going strong, meaning a likely healthy baby.

for my son and his ability to walk, despite the liability it brings him.

for a stable husband who has yet to lose his patience with me.

for a daughter and her presence, even though she might disappear any day.

for a weekend that turned out better than i though it would.

for Supreme Court arguments.

for a crew of friends who are always available to listen.

for group therapy with other moms who are also going through it.

for the money to buy prescription medicines that make me well enough to take the next steps.

for social networking’s ability to agitate for justice.

for this time to relax and rejuvenate.

for being able to stay in my house and not on the pysch ward.

for positive feedback on fellowship applications.

for knowledge.

for prayers.

for books.

for music.

for The Practice on Hulu.

for baby socks.

for water.

for food.

for breath.

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