Champions of Freedom

This is an event I organized for my kids’ school…the posters went up on Tuesday, in honor of MLK Day that was celebrated on Monday. There are posters of the “champions of freedom” and “fact” posters that have facts about each of the people, color coded. Today, the kids did a “fact hunt” by choosing one champion and writing down at least four of the five facts that were around the school. Every one who completed the hunt got an MLK sticker, and five random completers got bookmarks and pencils. It was awesome, with over 50 kids participating. We’re going to do the same thing at the end of Black History Month. The fed gov’t gave the stickers and bookmarks for free, as long as they are being used for an educational purpose. I bought the pencils using PTA funds. So grateful that while there is only a 2% black population in the schools, the PTA was very enthusiastic about this event and BHM events and they actually have money if only folks would come and ask for it. There is always something you can do to better your local community. Just ask, and try!

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