ABD #9: The Creativity Cure

I picked up a new book at the bookstore the other day while my daughter looked for a book for a birthday party. It’s called “The Creativity Cure” and while it’s based on psychoanalysis (which I don’t really need) and is for those with mild to moderate depression (which is not me – I’m in a severe depression according to my doctors), I love being creative and do believe that exercising our right brain can be healing.

Creativity is the new “thing” these days, from universities offering “creative expression” courses and having design labs, to books about how our kids are falling behind as a nation because they lack right brain activity and “flow.” I’m not trying to jump on a bandwagon, I’m just trying to get well.

So back to the book. It has something called the 5PPs – the 5 part prescription – that requires you to do, of course, five things:  Insight, Movement, Mind Rest, Your Own Two Hands, and Mind Shift. I’m not getting into the whole Insight part, because that’s a lot of psychoanalysis (i.e., Freudian psychotherapy) that I’ve had before and while it was helpful then, I find that its not as helpful with my brand of depression. I know movement is important, even if only to make sure the body stays healthy so the mind and brain can focus on getting well. Sucks to be sick both mentally and physically. Mind Rest is basically meditation, and I love meditation. Nothing like having nothing but nothing to occupy your mind. I use breathing techniques like alternate nostril breathing or just a “inhale I breathe in…exhale I breathe out” mantra. Your Own Two Hands is just that – making or doing something with intent and purpose with your hands. It could be cleaning or drawing or painting or gardening or building a fence. Anything that requires you to use your hands to create. Lastly comes the Mind Shift, which is some journal-y stuff again, like the Insight, that I don’t think I’ll be doing.

So I worked this plan today. I took a long walk with the baby after dropping the kids to school. I’ll do my meditation once I’m done writing this. And I made something with my own two hands. It’s not done. Work-in-progress. (It was an awkward photograph, and so it’s an awkward drawing. The way her’s holding her and looking at her was just strange. Why I chose that one….IDK.)

daddy and mina


Tomorrow, my goal is to stay out of the bed. That’s it. My sister-friend is going to come and scoop me up to join the dissertating group bright and early, and I have a meeting with my son’s teacher mid-day, and then dance classes and martial arts for the rest of the night. If I don’t nap early, I won’t even get a chance.

Oh, wow. Let me stop thinking about it. Because that sounds like way more than just one goal. And that’s making me anxious.



One thought on “ABD #9: The Creativity Cure

  1. may one mindful breath
    aware of the full length and feeling of air being drawn in,
    and the full slow exhale
    be a joyful accomplishment.
    Nowhere else to go
    nothing else to do.


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