ABD #12: Lifelong Learning

A couple of cool things happened today.

1. I started watching Scandal. I get what the hype is about (But I haven’t clicked on this link because I don’t want it to be ruined. And I’m still avoiding FB on Thursday nights because my TL is crazy over this show.)

2. I asked a well-known scholar to sit on my dissertation committee after a talk he gave, and he said, “I’ve heard so much about you, I can’t believe we haven’t met in person before.” How awesome is that? People are talking about me? Little old me?

3. I did a tonal drawing self-portrait (black and white, focus on tones, ranging from pitch black to white) in preparation for my first pastel drawing, which I will start tomorrow. I’m using a great book to help me learn about pastels, a medium I haven’t used in years. Color is so much trickier, in my opinion, than black and white, but the outcome, I think, will also be so much more rewarding. I’m a little tired of charcoal.

Her paintings are beautiful, and I want to emulate her work, some of which you can see here. I’m pleased with the tonal result, but there is something off that I just can’t put my finger on, or better explained, something I can’t figure out how to fix. Is it in the slight angle of the face? Or the slight opening of the lips? Or the wideness of the jaw? Seeing them side by side, I think that might be absolutely is the biggest issue. Wow. I need to fix that. But not tonight 🙂 



I still have a migraine, and I should have gone and got a shot early, but I didn’t. (Okay, hopefully you realize this isn’t a cool thing. Just something that happened.) I’m going to take the caffeine/barbiturate combo pill, on top of my other pills, and pray that that does the trick.  

I don’t plan to do much work over the weekend, as I’m pretty brunt from this week. I’ll see ya on Monday. 

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