ABD #13? The Tyranny of CVS

Me and CVS (or more properly, CVS and I) have a tenuous relationship. They often don’t have what I want, especially when it comes to my prescriptions. As someone who lives on meds in order to survive, this relationship is hardly convenient. But they are so ubiquitous, and I enjoy convenience (i.e. I can’t do a mom and pop pharmacy), although at this point they really aren’t convenient so we must really begin to question why I continue to put up with them. Sigh.

In better news, I think I found a great survey I can use for my dissertation. The survey is available for use from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and measures parent perceptions of engagement and involvement. I can add my own questions to tailor it to special education. There seems to be little downside to this, except I have to actually administer the survey and do the analysis. I am proficient in statistics and can do simple regressions. So really not a lot of downside. (Oh right, except modifying my IRB.)

But the reason for me bringing up CVS — I’m suffering from withdrawal and am having a hard time working. It’s hard to know if this is the withdrawal or just the depression and anxiety haven’t gone away. So I’m in a holding pattern until I work this medication stuff out.

But what I can do is draw and paint. So that’s what I’m doing.

Baby A


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