New Blog: Dr. Mama Esq.

New Blog: Dr. Mama Esq.

I have a new blog: Dr. Mama Esq.!

I recently graduated from Stanford with a JD/PhD, and felt that this transition warranted a fresh blog! I know that my journey as a black mother and professional may be inspiring to others, so over there, I am sharing my experiences and reflections as a young black mother and wife with mental health issues and three kids in a top graduate program. I’ll also continue just talking about my life as it continues into my professional career. If you love Gradmommy, please subscribe to Dr. Mama Esq. This site will stay open, but posting will likely be quite light here while I focus on this new endeavor. But I will continue to share my honest thoughts and experiences on raising black children in a world that is often hostile to their very existence, pursuing a joint degree with three young children, and trying to be my most authentic self in service to God. It will just be on the other site 🙂

I hope to see many of you there. 

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