What to Write About?

My brother sent me a blogging idea/content generator because I was afraid I didn’t have enough to talk about. The idea is to think of a few topics, and then generate the five “w” questions – who, what, where, why, and when. For example, if the topic is sociology, the five questions would be “who sociology,” “What sociology,” “where sociology,” “why sociology,” and “When sociology.” Then you try and make sense of the questions, so “who sociology” can become, for example, “who is a sociologist?” or more creatively interpreted, “who am I as a sociologist?” After you’ve done that for a few topics, a few should stand out as particularly interesting to you. (If not, then the generator says you should negate the questions, so that “who sociology” becomes “who not sociology.”)

Next you should free write, which even I know from experience is the best way to get words on a page and ideas from your mind to the paper. Free writing means setting a timer and writing, without stopping, until the time is up. To write without stopping requires no editing, and if you get stuck, you should type anything, even “I don’t know what to say,” over and over until you do have something to say.

I think this is a great idea, and I started writing out some topics that are salient to me: parenting, graduate school, mental illness, career, blackness, mothering, marriage, faith, and friendship. Creating the list for parenting alone was a lot, but it was useful to focus my thoughts. I decided that I would organize this blog around these topics, of course giving myself the freedom to deviate if I wanted to. So on the sidebar, you should see these topics, and as I write, I’ll categorize each post accordingly. Sometimes the post will feature two topics, but I’m going to try, for organization’s sake, to keep them focused on one topic at a time.

I hope this is helpful. Not just for you, but for me!

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