Migrating to Dr. Mama Esq.

Hi all —

Keeping three blogs is starting to be a lot of work 🙂 For that reason, I’m going to be migrating this blog over to Dr. Mama Esq. The move reflects that I’m at a different stage of life now that I’m (almost) not a graduate student anymore, but I’ll still be writing about my life, especially as it relates to my career and my children. I’ll be moving subscribers and followers as well, so you shouldn’t feel any of the pains associated with the move (I hope.)

Just wanted to let you know. Of course, you could just go and subscribe over there and know for sure you’ll be getting the latest!

Also, subscribe for my other blog CocoaMamas. I’ll still be writing timely pieces specifically about black mothering.

See you on the other side,

gradmommy aka dr. mama esq.

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