3 thoughts on “The Long Drive Home

  1. I take lots of photos when I’m driving. I know I shouldn’t do it, but so far, it’s been OK (for the past two years). I also eat, which is pretty dangerous too, but how else can I have breakfast everyday? (I can’t really eat before 9 am because of my IBS, so I have to eat in the car).

    How long is your drive? Mine is 76 miles each way, two highways, up and down a mountain. Lots of semi-trucks on one of the highways… (thankfully not the mountain one, most of the time!). But I know I work many many less hours than you do and I don’t have to leave home before my family does. (I teach at 11 am, two days, 9:30 am two days, Fridays off — only this semester, the past two Falls I taught every single day, but tried to stay overnight at a friend’s house once a week).


  2. My driving time is about 45 minutes each way. But I also take a train after I drive, so about 1.5 hours each way. That sunset though makes me happy and reminds me of how big and wonderful this world is, and that my problems pale in comparison to the beauty of the world. That feeling might only last for the 10 minutes I’m crossing the bridge, but it’s so worth it.


  3. That’s for sure!!! I hardly ever see sunsets when driving — maybe a few times in the late Fall. I’m glad you have those moments to look forward to. I enjoy the gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge mountains every single morning. I wish I had time to stop at the lookout site and photograph, but in the morning sun is shining from the East (I drive East) so photos wouldn’t be that great.

    And wow, about 1.5h is tough! (I take 1h10 mins + 10 minutes walking) That (1h30) is the commute my husband had in Philly after he walked away from his Big Pharma job (he’d been fired after 3 months, re-hired on a temporary basis & decided to go back to Academia, I don’t know if you already read me back in 2007-8). We lived in Collegeville, north of Norristown,so he drove for 20 mins into Norristown, took the high speed train to Philly and then the subway to Penn (about 1h). Driving would have been faster (45 mins), but then he’d have to leave later (around 10) and come back later (after 8 pm) and never see the boys, so he used public transportation — which he did enjoy. (and of course parking in West Philly would have been a challenge).

    We need to meet in Philly someday, right?


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