On Pride

There are a lot of things I have to proud of. Degrees, kids, marriage, friends. I do those things well.

But much of the time, I’m proud to get out of my bed in the morning and not get back into it until bedtime.

I’m proud to take a shower and wash my face and brush my teeth and do my hair.

Things are rough right now. The change in seasons, the decreased sunlight, the holidays approaching, my lack of exercise, my perpetual state of broke-ness…it’s getting to me.  It’s pushing me down. Sometimes it feels like it’s pulling me down too.

So when I get up, wash, take my kids to get costumes, play two board games AND Uno, bake chicken AND cook sweet potatoes…I am proud.

Honestly? School is easy.

Taming the forces trying to push me down and pull me under, when they are present inside of me? When I want to be supermom and super-lawyer and perfect wife and community activist? And when black women are under constant threat? That’s hard.

I made it another day. And I’m patting myself on the back.

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