Back to School

We’ve been a little late on the back to school…stuff. It’s so warm here most of the year that the kids haven’t needed “school clothes” because they were still in summer clothes. Then one day last week, it was suddenly fall.

So I bought school clothes. It was like Christmas in here when the box came. Everyone looking for “their” stuff. Even the two year old wanted in. It really was like Christmas because my kids are still a little too young to really care what they wear. So everything is a surprise.

I’m not getting paid for this, but the Children’s Place has the best deals for the quality. Old Navy has shoddy construction, and of course The Gap is too expensive for every day clothes.  At CP,  less than $10 for every piece! When you are shopping for three growing kids, that savings add up. Not to judge, but I cannot understand why anyone would spend more than $10 per piece on kids’ clothes. All they do is get rough and dirty in them. As they should. (I love seeing my kids come home like they’ve been in a wrestling pit. Let’s me know they are playing.)

The other way I know it really is back to school time are school pictures. I generally don’t think the school pictures are all that great, but I buy them anyway because then I don’t need to worry about getting their pictures taken. Grandparents who they see only, at most, twice a year, also appreciate the pics. And secretly, although my husband complains about spending money on so-so pictures, I think its so cool to be able to see how they’ve grown year by year. And he complains if I want to go to JCP to get them done. And it’s true – family pictures with three kids, who insist on being silly instead of sitting for the nice family pictures I want, is a pain.

So here’s what they are looking like this year:

Seven years old, second grade (Her hair, her hair…but it’s so her. Untamed, free. Mini-me.)
Eight years old, third grade (He said it was really hot, so that’s why he’s squinting. But he does often have this quizzical look on his face. Silliness.)

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