Nightime = Bathtime

Photo courtesy of Erica Nicol on Flickr

As a kid, I always took baths. Everyone in my family did.

One day in a science class — biology, chemistry, something — a teacher told us that to save water we should try to limit our showers to five minutes. I raised my hand and asked what if you don’t take showers. Everyone turned and looked at me like they couldn’t believe I could actually be clean and also unshowered.

It was only when I went to college that I began to take showers regularly. Even though I didn’t live in the traditional dorms where thirty women share five shower stalls, my roommates and I didn’t keep up the hygiene regimen to which I had grown accustomed.

I’ve never been able to get back into my bath-taking. Now it seems like a colossal time suck — why take thirty minutes to wash when you could take five? Even my kids — the big ones — are more likely to shower than to bathe. It does not help that I have to fight for bathroom time AND the cleanliness of the tub is negatively related to the minutes that have past since I last cleaned it. Everyone gets in it before I even get a chance to truly appreciate my handiwork by placing my dirty behind on my clean tub. The alternative is to place my dirty behind on a dirty tub. Yeah, no.

But I’ve decided that I need to make bath time a part of my nightly routine. My hormones are out of control right now, so even though I’ll sweat and have to take a shower in the morning anyway, I need a bedtime practice to help me come down from my day. I can swipe the tub with a wipe if it would allow me some down, down, downtime. I bought some Rainbath (love the smell) to motivate me, but you know how it is — it’s like buying new sneakers because you’ve decided to run. It might work.

Yet, I will try. While I’m there, I will think of all the beautiful bathrooms I’ve seen, beautiful bathrooms I’d like to one day have. Bath (with a healthy dose of wishful imagining), prayer, meditation, and maybe a little TV. Okay, probably a little TV. Okay, probably like an hour of TV.

I’ll let you know how long I can keep it up.

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