Sometimes, it Just Rains

They say “when it rains, it pours.” That’s not my experience.

Sometimes it just rains for a really long time. 2009-02-13 17.27.52

You feel like an imposter a work, your kids are acting all kinds of foolish, your spouse feel like they are on a different planet, and the world seems to be under a constant cloud.


You think it’s letting up. The sun will peek out. 

You say something brilliant at work. Your kid brings home a perfect test score. You and your spouse have a night where…you know. Scientists put out a dire prediction, but it’s so dire that you now think we’re going to do something about it.

And then the rain comes back, gently at first, then more steadily.

That flash of brilliance was just a flash. School calls about another kid who cannot seem to get it together. Your spouse breaks a glass and it feels like he’s breaking your heart. The world is…the world.

Maybe it just mists

The kind of rain that you feel silly pulling out an umbrella for, and the umbrella won’t even work because the mist is everywhere.

You have no choice, if you choose to be outside, to simply let it fall on you while you wait for it to stop. 

and then you come inside and have a glass of wine.

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