My best

I am a bad mother. I’m not checking homework. I’m not looking at Google Classroom. My kids play video games for 50% of the day. My little one was struggling in reading pre-corona and he’ll be struggling after.

I am a good mother. I make meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I make sure the bills are paid. I make sure that we have money to move next month. I buy a lot of fucking groceries. I’m getting our credit scores back on track. I play games and music and we laugh.

I am a sucky person. I haven’t donated groceries. I haven’t volunteered. I’m not on the front lines.

I am a good person. I’ve continued to pay my regular housekeeper. I’ve donated money. I tip my Instacart shopper 20% of my $300+ grocery shopping every time. I’ve stayed in my house.

I am a bad professor. I cancel class when I just. cannot. not. I stumble over my words, losing my thought process. One day I was managing my grocery delivery while listening to my students. I forget to record.

I am a good professor. I say hello to everyone I can see as they enter the room. I plan each class, reading and adapting for Zoom. I let my students know when I’m going to call on them so they can be prepared. I post my slides before class. I try to keep the energy up.

I do my best. That’s all I can do.

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