it’s been a minute*

It’s been a minute* since I’ve been on here. I go in and out of writing motivation, usually when I’m doubting whether I have something to say that folks outside of my Facebook feed want to hear.

I don’t know anymore what people want to hear anymore. We’ve been so separate for so long that I feel really at a loss for figuring out … people.

So instead I’m focusing on what I need to write. What I need to write to move stuff off my heart so I can breathe a little easier. What I need to write to make walking easier. What I need to write so I can get out of bed in the morning, take a shower, prepare for my class, and greet my children, my husband, and my students with the smile they deserve.

Today, this is all I’m going to write. It’s the beginning. Just being on here allowed me to sigh deeply. To fill my torso with air and let it out slowly. I’m listening to Maxwell Radio on Pandora. Right now, the Isley Brothers’ Groove with You is playing. I’m on my back patio, under my pergola, with my orange overhang, my lights and a glass of Cab.

The song just changed to …& On by Erykah Badu.

And now Before I Let You Go.

Good night.

* “it’s been a minute” is one of those black people sayings that actually means the opposite of what is says. It’s been like 5 months. But I’m not linking to Urban Dictionary.

One thought on “it’s been a minute*

  1. My friend!! I remembered this blog only when I read your peace in the Law Review and it mentioned this blog. Was it when you also thought of coming here and writing? Once again, I am so so thankful that I got to blog and make so many friends through blogging. I am happy I know you, even though we haven’t been able to meet in person (just yet)!


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