medium round up: December 2020 – January 2021

I’ve been doing a bunch of writing on Medium, and have completely abandoned this space! Here is a round up of everything I’ve written so far.

Fences is not the Problem. Black Elitism Is

A response to a NYT article about a Black mother angry that her son might have to read August Wilson’s play Fences

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis playing Troy and Rose in the film adaptation of Fences


When “Good” Schools Equal “White” Schools, Black Families Have a Real Problem

While Black children in integrated schools are no longer subject to the physical violence of the desegregation era, today predominately White schools present lessons of second-class citizenship to Black children


Black Kids Matter: The Danger in Whitewashing Childhood Mental Health in a Pandemic

Refusing to name race in stories of children’s mental health precludes a national discussion that addresses the needs of all children during a pandemic


White People Riot. Black People Die.

To be White with an illegitimate grievance is to be untouchable. But to be Black, living under conditions of legitimate grievance, is to be under threat of death.

white nationalist rioters at the capitol building on january 6, 2021


Every Black Child Need a Black Watcher

Black Watchers are special part of the Black village needed to raise a Black child.

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